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Brazil is the largest country in South America and the fifth largest in the world in terms of territorial area.White-sand beaches, tropical islands.Brazil was discovered in 1500 by a Portuguese expedition led by Pedro Álvares Cabral. The territory, originally inhabited by Indians, be – came a Portuguese crown colony.

Brazil is one of the countries with the highest economic growth in recent years. Today it is a leading economic power. 1Tourism is an important economic activity in several regions in the country. Brazil is the second international destination in South America, and the third most important in Latin America. Most of the tourists in Brazil come from South America, mainly from Argentina. Around 35% come from Europe and 15% from the USA. The most visited destinations in Brazil are Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador de Bahia, as well, many places all around the coast.
Environment Known throughout the world for its biodiversity and differing geographic features, Brazil has seven locations that are considered World Natural Heritage sites. These are natural features, consisting of physical and biological formations, with outstanding aesthetic or scientific value. They may be geological formations or regions with a habitat of endangered plant and animal species, with outstanding scientific or conservation merit.

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Paraty Brazil
Gramado Brazil
Yoho national park
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