The best tourist attraction in Japan. Takayama Town is older town in Japan.Takayama is a city in Japan’s bumpy Gifu Prefecture. The restricted boulevards of its Sanmachi Suji architecturally significant area are fixed with wooden dealers’ homes dating to the Edo Period, alongside numerous little historical centers. The city is renowned worldwide for its semiannual Takayama Festival, backpedaling to at any rate the mid-1600s, commending spring and fall with parades highlighting elaborate, plated buoys and manikin appears.

Takayama japan

takayama sanmachi old private houses

Takayama. old private houses.

Torii Red Shrine Japan Takayama Inari

Torii Red Shrine Japan Takayama

Takayama Japan

Torii Red Shrine Japan Takayama.

Temple grounds in Takayama.

toyama platform takayama.

The Hida Mountains, or Northern Alps, is a Japanese mountain range which stretches through Nagano, Toyama and Gifu prefectures. A small portion of the mountains also reach into Niigata Prefecture. Wikipedia

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