Paraty is a coastal municipality located in the Southeastern Brazil. The current economy of the municipality is based on tourism, services and fishing. The rural population is distributed among several communities, including those of Caiçara people along the coastline. Caiçara people are
of mixed origin (Portuguese colonists, Amerindians and African descendants), undertaking subsistence activities directly related to the exploitation of natural resources, such as fishing, small-scale agriculture2,3, and tourism.
Paraty encompasses two of the best preserved areas: fragments of the Atlantic Forest, and the Ilha Grande Bay, making it an important area for biodiversity conservation. In fact, there are five protected areas (PAs) in Paraty, imposing different degrees of restriction to resource users. Partners of the Community Conservation Research Network from the Environmental Studies and Research Center
(NEPAM) at the University of Campinas (UNICAMP) are working with two Caiçara communities: Tarituba and Praia do Sono to contribute to community conservation of both fisheries and terrestrial resources. In both communities, their research aims to support community rights to access
resources within protected areas. In Tarituba, CCRN partners are developing a participatory
monitoring program of the local fisheries which contributes to improved decision-making in protected area management and seeks to ensure local fisheries rights, food security and traditional livelihoods are protected. In Praia do Sono, local ecological knowledge about Atlantic Forest Resources and the use of non-timber products for tourism or aesthetic services is contributing to a protected
area reclassification and management plan. In addition, the CCRN Partners’ approach seeks to empower the local community to better negotiate their rights to access resources and practices important to their traditional livelihoods with the no-take protected area manager.

Tourist Attractions in Paraty

Serra da Bocaina National Park

Serra da Bocaina National Park is a vast area of protected Atlantic rainforest across the Brazilian states of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. It’s home to jaguars and spider monkeys, and its varied landscapes range from the coastal beaches around Paraty to mountains inland.

Blue Sky Paraty Brazil

Blue Sky Paraty Brazil


Paraty Bike Colonial Architecture Stone Street.

Paraty River Janeiro
Paraty River Janeiro
Beach in Brazil

The Baluarte de San Diego is a bastion in Intramuros, part of the Spanish colonial fortification in the walled city of Manila in the Philippines. Wikipedia

Brazil Rio De Janeiro
Brazil Rio De Janeiro .
Cepilho beach,Beach in Paraty Brazil
 Mountain Paraty

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