Islamabad is a beautiful, clean and  green capital of Pakistan. It is no wonder it is considered the 2nd most beautiful capital in the world.  The city has full of with attraction for tourists. There are so many beautiful and historical places in Islamabad.

Tourist Attractions in Islamabad City


Centaurus Mall Islamabad city.

Pakistan Monument  Zero point Islamabad.

Lake View Park islamabad

Rawal Lake is the most visiting place for tourists in Islamabad. It is located in Islamabad park area. Rawal Dam was built in this lake, that’s why it’s name is Rawal Lake.

Shakarparian islamabad pakistan
Shakarparian National Park, Shakarparian Rd, Islamabad.
Beautiful View of Islamabad photo by Babar Wasiem.
birds aviary islamabad
birds aviary Islamabad city
Shakar Parian National Park, Islamabad, Pakistan
Shakarparian hills, a popular public park in Islamabad is located near Zero Point with beautiful view of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. There is a small garden of pine trees near the terrace,planted by the heads of friend countries. The park also also contains a memorial at the place where the masterplan of Islamamabad city was approved by then president General Muhammad Ayub Khan on May 24th 1960.Recently Pakistan monument is built on the west view point of Shakarparian hills.
faisal masjid islamabad
Faisal masjid Islamabad.
faisal masjid islamabad
Faisal Masjid is the largest mosque of Pakistan, located in the capital of Pakistan Islamabad in the foot of Margalla hills. The mosque is named after King Faisal Bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia who supported and financed it. The construction of Faisal mosque started in 1976 and completed in 1986.

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