Ottawa is the capital of Canada,in the southeastern province of Ontario.Ottawa was designed with tourists in mind.Ottawa is a city of celebrations, offering visitors a year around calendar of parties, festivals and special events.  On July 1st, the city celebrates the biggest party in the country, Canada Day.

Ottawa City

                             Tourist Attractions in Ottawa City

1.Lower Town

Lower Town

Lower Town Located in the By Ward Market in Ottawa.


2.Rideau Canal

The Rideau Canal is a visitor’s paradise with its many historic lockstations

3.  By Ward Market

By Ward Market is home to over 600 unique shops, restaurants,

4. Canadian War Museum

Located in Ottawa River, this modern museum explores Canada’s military past history.

5.National Gallery of Canada

National Gallery of Canada

The National Gallery of Canada, located in the city of Ottawa. the National Gallery of Canada is the country’s showcase of the visual arts and a spectacular architectural landmark.

Ottawa City Canada


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