Mount Everest 

Mount Everest  was formed over 60 million years ago In Nepal, the mountain is called Sagarmatha, meaning Goddess of the sky In Tibet,  The English name – Everest  was named after Sir George Everest, The most recent official height of 8,848 meters (29,029 ft) , which is recognized by China and Nepal.

Mt. Everest rises a few millimeters due to natural geological forces On the way to the summit, a climber will pass over 200 bodies of previous climbers. Many of these bodies are extremely well preserved due to the extreme cold. In 1996, 16 people died during the climbing season, the highest death toll in a single year on Everest. The first successful ascent was made by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay The first solo ascent was made by Reinhold Messner on August 20, 1980. Messner also made the first ever oxygenless ascent on May 8, 1979. The youngest person to summit Everest was only 13 years old. This was accomplished by Jordan Romero on May 22, 2010. The oldest person to summit Everest was 76 years, 340 days old. This was accomplished by Min Bahadur Sherchan on May 25, 2008. The leading cause of death on Everest is avalanches The second leading cause of death are falls Aba Sherpa has made it to the summit of Everest 21 times.

Mount Everest Climbing

Mount Everest attracts many climbers, In1963; the first Americans reached the summit of Mount Everest.

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