Kunming city, the modern capital city and transportation hub of China’s southern Yunnan province.It is the political, economic, communications and cultural centre of Yunnan. Located at an elevation of 1,950 meters on the Yungui Plateau with low latitude and high elevation, Kunming has one of the mildest climates in China. The weather never gets very hot in summer. With its perpetual spring-like weather which provides the ideal climate for plants and flowers, Kunming is known as the “City of Eternal Spring”. The city is covered with blossoms and lush vegetation all-year round.

Tourist Attractions in Kunming City

Kunming city 01

Kunming City

Stone Forest, or Shilin, is situated in the Lunan Yu Autonomous County 126 kilometers southeast of Kunming. The Stone Forest dates to the Ming Dynasty and is often considered to be the First Wonder of the World.

Golden Temple Park, or Jindian Park, is a large Taoist temple in Yunnan, China and has been preserved almost completely since it was first built.Wikipedia

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Daguan Park is a lakeside part located in the southwestern suburb of Kunming, Yunnan, China. Today many locals come to sit, drink tea, fly kites, and go boating. Wikipedia

The Western Hill is  a forest reserve site that located at the west bank of the Dianchi Lake of Kunming.

China Kunming West Mountain Temple Guardian.

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Kunming City

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