Pakistan identified Gwadar as a port site as far back as 1954 when Gwadar was still under Omani rule. … After four years of negotiations, Pakistan purchased the Gwadarenclave from Oman for US$3 million on 8 September 1958 and Gwadar officially became part of Pakistan on 8 December 1958, after 200 years of Omani rule.Gwadar Port is emerging as the third port of Pakistan – Karachi and Port Qasim being the other two. Gwadar borders on Arabian Sea and lies in the Balochistan Province. Gwadar Port is located at the mouth of Persian Gulf and outside the Straits of Hormuz. It is near to the key shipping routes used by the mainline vessels in the region with connections to Africa, Asia and Europe and enjoys high commercial and strategic significance. The development of Gwadar could bring economic gains to Balochistan and potentially capable to act as industrial power house, a suitable transit and transshipment hub.
Geographic area – 12.637 sq. km.
Population density – 14.7 person per
Coast line – approximately 300 km
Population of Gwadar city – estimated 80,000
Land distances from Gwadar Quetta 970 Km
Turbat 165 Km
Gabd 120 Km
Karachi 630 Km
Ratodero 892 Km.

Gwadar Port Map location

gwadar port map,one belt one road, cpec balochistan,cpec gwadar project

cpec gwadar project

Gwadar port Pakistan
Gwadar map gwader pakistan
Gwadar pakistan
Gwadar port
Gwadar pakistan

Gwader  Port


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